Contest Rules

  • One vote = one dollar. The candidate with the most votes wins!
  • Each candidate’s sponsor may come up with their own ideas on how to raise money for their candidate.
  • You must be a Massachusetts resident.
  • You must register to be official. Email
  • The deadline for the Mayor’s race is Saturday, November 30. The money is counted at the ‘headquarters’ of the previous year’s winner, or at the location of their choice.
  • On the day of the count, we do not accept cash, only money orders or checks will be accepted.
  • Once we start the count, no other donations can be made on behalf of any candidate.
  • Order of count is all new entries first, and then the money is counted for the sponsor who won last year’s race. Only candidates and their manager are allowed at the count. The winner will be announced after all monies are counted.