St. Patrick’s Award Winners

Early in his time with us in the Diocese of Worcester, Bishop Reilly accepted the Parade Committee’s invitation to be principal celebrant at the Parade Masses at Saint Paul’s Cathedral. To make this a special, welcoming and memorable time for the Bishop, our Chaplain suggested we create the “St. Patrick’s Award” with Bishop Reilly as our first recipient. The Award is given each year by participating Irish heritage organizations at the Parade Mass to someone whom we are glad is among us; someone who is our friend.

Ar d’Teanga Fein: Nicole Fisher

Ancient Order of Hibernians: Stephen Belton

Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians: Deborah Haglund

Emerald Club: Brendan Moran

St. Patrick’s Parade Commitee: Rich Smalley

Worcester Gaelic Athletic Association: Matthew Dufresne

Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation: Margaret Hickey

Ar d’Teanga Fein: Nicole Fisher

Ancient Order of Hibernians: Patrick Rosendale

Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians: Peg Prior

Emerald Club: Eileen Gareau

St. Patrick’s Parade Commitee: Maureen Lacouture

Worcester Gaelic Athletic Association: Ron Dufault

Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation: Brian Mahoney

Ar d’Teanga Fein: Kathy DeGraaf

Ancient Order of Hibernians: Michael Donnelly

Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians: Ruth Langlois

Emerald Club: William J. Fay II

St. Patrick’s Parade Commitee: Mary Ellen Murphy

Worcester Gaelic Athletic Association: Liam Kelly

Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation: Mary Whidden

Ar d’Teanga Fein: Peg McMenemy

Ancient Order of Hibernians: Patrick O’Connell

Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians: Helen Foley

Emerald Club: Sheila White

St. Patrick’s Parade Commitee: Jeff Harris

Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation: Paul Verdini

Ar d’Teanga Fein: Ruth Langlois

Ancient Order of Hibernians: Donald Finnegan

Ladies’ Ancient Order of Hibernians: Molly McCullough

Emerald Club: Paul Belsito

St. Patrick’s Parade Commitee: Kathy Hinson

Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation: Debra Donovan